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Information about HS Articulation team

The High School Articulation unit communicates and implements UC faculty policy regarding high school coursework that fulfills the A-G subject requirements for freshman admissions to the University. Our staff evaluate and assess high school courses for quality and rigor. Through a diverse array of resources, we support educators and administrators in designing college-preparatory courses. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the preparation of high school students to attend the University of California.

  • Chase Fischerhall, Director of A-G and Transfer Articulation Policy¬†
  • Katherine Leslie, Associate Director, High School Articulation (A-G)
  • Danyale Willingham, Senior Articulation & Policy Analyst
  • Raisa VanAlstyne-Ponce, Senior Articulation & Policy Analyst

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The A-G Guide is your primary online resource for all matters related to A-G, including information on A-G course criteria and guidelines, submitting new courses for A-G review, managing your A-G course list, and more. If you have any questions or are experiencing technical difficulties regarding the A-G Policy Resource Guide, A-G Course List, or the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP), please feel free to contact us.

UC High School Articulation 
Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs
University of California Office of the President

Email: HSArticulation@ucop.edu
Phone: (510) 987-9570

If you have questions about UC admissions evaluation and policy, including GPA, using college courses to meet A-G requirements, and the UC application, please visit the UC Admissions website or email our admissions evaluation team at askUC@ucop.edu.