Update your A-G List

Annual A-G update checklist

Beginning the process of updating your A-G list early ensures you have plenty of time to update your A-G list before the UC admissions application opens on August 1.

The annual course submission period is February 1 to June 30. Please see information under A-G Course Submission Deadlines for more information. 

Schools and extended learning programs

School and extended learning program A-G course lists should accurately reflect actual course offerings for each academic year. Errors on an A-G course list can disadvantage prospective University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) applicants. For more information about the UC freshman admissions process, please visit the UC Admissions website.


Programs should update their A-G reference lists as early as possible to ensure schools that teach their courses have time to adopt their courses on their A-G course lists before the UC application opens on August 1.

With this in mind, we highly recommend all schools, extended learning programs, and programs begin the process of updating their A-G course lists and reference lists on the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) at the beginning of Phase 1, which starts on February 1.

Online course publishers

As of February 2020, online publishers no longer maintain A-G lists with UC. This follows our recent announcement of the University of California's updated online course policy.
Online publisher courses not on a publisher’s A-G list prior to January 2020, and not already adopted by high schools can be certified, self-reported, and added retroactively by schools starting with the next 2020-21 A-G course submission cycle, which opened February 1, 2020.


Annual update checklist

When the annual course submission period opens on February 1, you should log into the A-G CMP and go through the annual update checklist:

  • Verify your institution’s information is up to date
    • A-G course/reference list manager 
    • Head of institution
    • Accreditation
  • Check your institution’s A-G list for accuracy
  • Add and/or revise courses
  • Remove courses
    • Archive courses that will not be taught in the upcoming academic year

If there are no changes to your A-G list, verification of your institution’s information is all that is required.