Update your A-G List

Course revisions

Submit a course revision when there are changes to an approved course, such as subject area and UC honors designation. 

When to revise a course

Submit a course revision when any of the following situations arise:

  • Changes to the A-G subject area, discipline, CTE industry sector and/or CTE pathway
  • Request UC honors designation 

You may be required to update the course description to meet current A-G course criteria and submission requirements.

When a course revision is not approved

If your course revision is not approved, the course will remain on your A-G list as originally approved. You can start and a submit a new revision for review. You are allowed to start and submit as many revisions as you please during the annual submission period (Primary Phase: February 1 - June 30 | Supplemental Phase: August 1 - August 31).

Course list changes that do not require revisons

You do not need to submit a course revision if you are:

  • Course title change
  • Updating transcript abbreviations or course codes
  • Adding an already approved course to previous academic years
  • Changing course learning environment

Updating and adding transcript abbreviations and course codes

You do not need to submit a course revision if you’re only updating transcript abbreviations for a course. You can update transcript abbreviations on your Course/Reference List page on the A-G Course Management Portal. Transcript abbreviations can be made retroactive up to three previous academic years.

Add course to previous academic years

If an approved course was left off a school’s course list for previous academic years, course and reference list managers can add the course retroactively, up to four previous academic years, using the “Add course to previous year” menu option on your A-G list.

If the course was adopted from a program, the course must be on the program’s reference list for the years you wish to add the course retroactively.